[ JPRS database provides information on network administration. Its use is    ]
[ restricted to network administration purposes. For further information,     ]
[ use 'whois -h whois.jprs.jp help'. To suppress Japanese output, add'/e'     ]
[ at the end of command, e.g. 'whois -h whois.jprs.jp xxx/e'.                 ]

Domain Information: [ドメイン情報]
[Domain Name]                   dns.jp

[登録者名]                      株式会社日本レジストリサービス
[Registrant]                    Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.

[Name Server]                   nsa.dns.jp
[Name Server]                   nsb.dns.jp
[Name Server]                   nsd.dns.jp
[Name Server]                   nse.dns.jp
[Name Server]                   nsf.dns.jp
[Name Server]                   nsg.dns.jp
[Signing Key]                   

[登録年月日]                    2003/06/05
[有効期限]                      2020/06/30
[状態]                          Active
[最終更新]                      2019/07/01 01:05:07 (JST)

Contact Information: [公開連絡窓口]
[名前]                          日本レジストリサービス JPDirect
[Name]                          Japan Registry Services JPDirect
[Email]                         [email protected]
[Web Page]                       
[Postal Address]                 
[電話番号]                      03-5215-8456

WHOIS SERVICE: http://arama.us